Welcome to ThingTracker. When you enter number on things you want to track, ThingTracker also saves when you entered it.

You can track as many things as you want. Just name a new thing at the top of the page and a new catorgory is made.

ThingTracker can be useful for tracking: weight, calories, pages written, water intake, work hours, exercises, attendance, grades. Whatever. Everything is saved locally between visits.

The graph at the bottom shows the developemnt of whatever you are tracking. The time scale works from seconds until decades. You can also view daily or monthly summaries by using the buttons below the graph.

There is no sign-up, no tracking (of you), and everything is free. You can export your data at any time.


Name something you want to track:

Download a file that contains your data.
load data from a prevously saved file. This will overwrite the current data in memory.

Your entered data is not transfered to the cloud, everything is local, you should take care of backups yourself. This page is written in about 200 lines of Vanilla JavaScript, the plotting is done with my own MJS Plot.