Image dataURL Maker

Compressing images for the web, and generating data URIs from images.

Input image:


Title/tooltip :
AltText : Describe the image.
Maximum Image Width:
Reduce File Size 0-7 (lossy): (png only)
Image Quality: (jpeg webp only)
Blur (px):
Convert to : png jpeg webp(chrome only)
 No image 

More Options

Background removal, png only.

: Use Background removal
Background test color:

Click on the canvas below to pick color:

de-sensivitity: Lower is more picky, higher gets more.
: Grow the alpha channel.
Grow Alpha Blur (px): Good for removing ugly edges.

About and Why

Inlining images will reduce the number of HTTP/HTTPS requests, for small or single use images this can remove a lot of overhead in bandwidth and network time. It can also simplify file management for small projects. However data URLs are not cached by browsers and the base64 encoding will increses file size. The size of a data uri is unlimited in Firefox/Chrome/Safri, but it is limited to 65kB in Opera 11.